Supporting more sustainable, productive and inclusive fish agri-food systems

This 30th issue of the Pacific Community’s Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin includes 18 original articles on a diversity of topics, including gender and development, mud crabs, national gender analyses and mangrove management.

Forty representatives of fisheries and regional organizations from across Africa have called for the strengthening of existing small-scale fisheries bodies and the creation of a new pan-African platform.

In Myanmar, rice is seen as the main staple food and irrigation infrastructure has expanded to boost its production.

Efforts by WorldFish, development partners and the government to develop aquaculture in Timor-Leste over the last 10 years have shown success, laying the way for the sector’s continued growth to combat poverty and malnutrition.

Fish powder creates new livelihood opportunities for women in Timor-Leste

Solar-powered freezers make money for rural women in Solomon Islands

WorldFish had a remarkable year in 2018 developing and scaling scientific innovations that support the sustainable transformation of food systems with fish for the benefit of people and the planet.

The store will provide crucial products and services to support the country’s growing small-scale aquaculture industry, as part of improved private sector linkages being established under a FISH-led vocational and entrepreneurship training project.