Solar-powered freezers make money for rural women in Solomon Islands

WorldFish had a remarkable year in 2018 developing and scaling scientific innovations that support the sustainable transformation of food systems with fish for the benefit of people and the planet.

The store will provide crucial products and services to support the country’s growing small-scale aquaculture industry, as part of improved private sector linkages being established under a FISH-led vocational and entrepreneurship training project.

The first public-private-partnership (PPP) model tilapia hatchery has opened in Leohitu in Timor-Leste, boosting the country’s production of GIFT fingerlings and paving the way for the aquaculture sector’s sustainable development.

In India’s Odisha State, fish farmers have been able to double their production and increase their profits thanks to a carp intensification program supported by WorldFish.

Modeling key fish supply and aquaculture systems for biophysical resource use is a vital step for estimating environmental footprints and was the focus of a recent WorldFish study in Myanmar.

Each month, we highlight a selection of our new publications. Feed was a focus in May, with a novel feeding system and a plant-based alternative to fishmeal showing potentially significant cost and sustainability benefits.

Ensuring the blue economy is rich in opportunity and incorporates the perspectives of all users will require new knowledge and innovative partnerships, says Dr. Gareth Johnstone, Director General, WorldFish, in the wake of the World Ocean Summit.

To coincide with the Seeds of Change conference on 2-4 April, Dr. Meryl Williams, former WorldFish Director General, penned this opinion piece around her four revolutionary tips that can energize aquaculture and fisheries for a change to gender equality.

WorldFish gender scientists and partners are heading down under for the world-class Seeds of Change conference on 2–4 April 2019 in Canberra where they will be collaboratively leading or taking part in a combination of panels, workshops and presentations.