An alternative to predator-prey ratios in predicting recruitment

Multiple regression equations with predator density and prey (parent) density were used to predict recruitment in Channa striata: Tilapia nilotica culture systems. The superiority of such equations over fixed predator-prey ratios commonly used in aquaculture is demonstrated using data from these systems, as well as Cichlasoma managuense - Tilapia aurea systems, and three marine predator-prey systems. Mortality of pre-recruits is quantified and shown to be dependent on predator biomass in both the marine and freshwater pond systems. Marked differences exist in the form of these relationships. Pre-recruit mortality in the absence of predation is quantified.


Hopkins, D.K., Pauly, D., Cruz, E.M., van Weerd, J.H. (1982)
Meeresforschung Reports on Marine Research 29(3): 125–134.