AMFORA: Applying a One Health systems modelling approach to formulate strategies for mitigating the risk to human health of ABR in aquaculture

Aquaculture systems are highly complex and influenced by environmental, biological, cultural, socio-economic and human behavioural factors. The growing importance of aquaculture is fuelling a transition of small-scale farming to industrial intensification in LMICs. Two interdisciplinary workshops were held in 2018, in Vietnam and Egypt. They aim to use a ‘systems-thinking’ approach to map aquaculture systems and identify potential hotspots for the emergence and selection of resistance and human exposure to antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant organisms. Both workshops were also designed to develop systems thinking and experience in mapping systems, to build collaborations and understanding of different expertise.


Brunton, L., Garza, M., Desbois, A., Haesler, B., Wieland, B., Chadag, M., Guitian, J. (2019)
Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish