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Animation highlights need to tackle gender norms

Launched on International Rural Women’s Day, a new animation from WorldFish, highlights how a gender transformative approach can influence social norms to strengthen women’s ability to access and control resources and services and ultimately their contribution to lifting their communities out of poverty.

Learned gender norms can create disadvantages for women in rural areas that can stifle the development of households and communities. By denying the rights of women we deny ourselves the opportunity to lift millions of men, women and children out of poverty.

Stephen Hall, Director General, WorldFish: “A gender transformative approach is central to WorldFish’s mission and it is critical if we are to have long-term impact and enable millions of rural families to lift themselves out of poverty.”

Ranjitha Puskur, Senior Scientist, WorldFish: “Gender inequality doesn’t make sense on any level. Promoting gender equality can reduce extreme poverty and hunger and boost shared prosperity for girls and boys, women and men, around the world.”

Despite promises of gender equality, rural women do not have equal access to resources and a voice in decision-making. The persistence of gender disparities calls for effective interventions to bring about systemic change. Fostering dialogue involving both genders will allow women to develop as farmers and leaders in their own communities and beyond – as well as increasing their earnings.

Gender equality is increasingly in the spotlight with global campaigns such as the He4She Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, a welcome sign of a shift in the gender narrative. This new WorldFish animation will add to that momentum and amplify the issues, particularly with regard to those in a rural agricultural setting. The video underscores the need to invest in programs that promote gender equality alongside improving productivity and incomes.

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