Annual report 2017

This annual report highlights some of our key achievements over the past year as we progress towards our impact targets. In Asia and Africa, our genetic improvement program took a major step forward with the use of genomic selection tools to introduce characteristics such as disease resistance and feed efficiency into our improved tilapia strains. These are vital for ensuring the productivity and sustainability of fish farms, particularly in Africa, where aquaculture investment is critical to meet current and future food demands. In Bangladesh, production of hilsa, the national fish, has increased dramatically, in large part due to our work with the Department of Fisheries and local communities to conserve and restore depleted stocks. In Cambodia, the number of community fish refuges, which provide a dry season sanctuary for brood fish, was increased from 40 to 134, directly benefiting well over half a million people through better access to fish in the wet season.


WorldFish WorldFish (2018)
Penang, Malaysia