Aquaculture without borders: Most significant change stories from the Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project in Bangladesh and Nepal

The European Union-supported Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP) began in Bangladesh and Nepal in December 2011 and ended in November 2014. The objectives of the project were to: (1) improve the food security and nutrition of smallholders by facilitating the adoption of productive and environmentally sustainable agricultural technologies that improve beneficiaries’ livelihoods; and (2) create and develop market links to improve food and nutritional security of both rural producers and urban consumers in Bangladesh and Nepal. The most significant change stories in this booklet cover many topics – technology, gender, markets, research partnerships and scaling – illustrating the broad range of outcomes from Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP). The authors focus on most significant change stories relating to aquaculture. A prominent theme was the power of international visits where participants learned from each other and it also highlights both the broad range of outcomes of the project, and the power of exchange visits.


Jahan, K.M., Orko, A.N., Upraity, V., Ali, H., Devkota, C.K., Pokhrel, V.C., Shailesh, G., Masud, M.A. (2015)
WorldFish. Penang, Malaysia. Booklet: 2015-03