Assessing the potential for restocking, habitat enhancement, fish sanctuaries and aquaculture to restore the chambo production in Malawi

The chambo fisheries in the South East arm of Lake Malawi have been severely exploited and depleted due to overfishing habitat degradation and use of illegal gears. The government of Malawi is determined to reverse the decline in order to restore the chambo fishery so that it fulfils its potential in meeting the food security needs of the country. This paper summarizes briefly the existing experiences aimed at increasing the production of the chambo in the lakes of Malawi by producing and releasing juvenile fish, enhancing habitats, creating fish sanctuaries, and promoting aquaculture. The paper also describes research needed to assess the potential for these interventions to contribute to increased production of the chambo. In the case of restocking, the paper identifies the protocols required to implement responsible programs if this intervention is demonstrated to have good potential to 'fast-track' the recovery of the fishery.


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