An assessment of chemical and biological product use in aquaculture in Bangladesh

The aim of this study is to describe current chemical use practices in the aquaculture sector of Bangladesh and to identify the factors that influence them. A survey on the use of chemical and biological products was performed between November 2011 and June 2012 using structured questionnaires performed to producers of nine farm groups including homestead ponds, carps, tilapias, koi fish, shrimps, shrimps and prawns, only prawns, rice and fish, and pangas. The study shows that, despite rapid expansion of commercial aquaculture in Bangladesh, use of chemical and biological products is still relatively low compared to other aquaculture producing countries in Asia. However, despite this finding, the study identified a large number of compounds that are currently in use, and that require further regulation and evaluation regarding their potential environmental and human health impacts, as already done in most developed countries.


Ali, H., Rico, A., Murshed-e-Jalan, K., Belton, B. (2016)
Aquaculture, 454: 199-209