Building organisational capacity for ecosystem-based adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the Lake Chilwa Basin

This chapter presents an analysis of organisational capacity for climate change management (especially adaptation) and disaster risk management in the Lake Chilwa Basin developed through the implementation of the programme. The analysis is based on data and information obtained through a review of literature including baseline, progress and evaluation reports from the programme and other projects, physical evidence of activities implemented in the field, and narratives from key informants consisting of technical personnel in relevant sectors, traditional and opinion leaders.


Phalira, W. ; Nagoli, J. ; Kayambazinthu, D. ; Chiotha, S. (2018)
In: Chapter 7. Chiotha, S. ; Jamu, D. ; Nagoli, J. ; Likongwe, P. ; Chanyenga, T. (eds.) Socio-ecological resilience to climate change in a fragile ecosystem: The Case of the Lake Chilwa Basin, Malawi. London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. pp. 134-150