Carp-SIS polyculture: A new intervention to improve women’s livelihoods, income and nutrition in Terai, Nepal

Based on lessons learned from field trials, carp-small indigenous fish species (SIS)-prawn polyculture technology was improved to a "carp-SIS polyculture" technology suitable for small scale farmers in Terai, Nepal. In December 2008, the project was initiated to improve income and nutrition of Tharu women in Chitwan (100 farmers) and Kailali (26 farmers) districts. The present paper presents the final results of the project. The paper describes findings of improved carp-SIS polyculture technology in relation to household fish production and consumption, the socio-economic conditions of women farmers and outcomes beyond the immediate project.


Rai, S., Thilsted, S., Shrestha, M.K., Wahab,M.A., Gupta, M.C. (2014)
Asian Fisheries Science, 27S: 165-174 [open access]