Challenges facing marine aquaculture and requirements for development in Egypt

Aquaculture plays a vital role as an alternative source of income for coastal fishery communities as it contribute in reducing the pressure on marine natural resources and recently is considered as an important sector for supporting rural economic development. It is expected to show growth in the marine sector in Egypt, and the success of individual operations will depend on the successful application of a variety of multidisciplinary activities. Economic viability must be linked to better marketing strategies and food safety, transparency, traceability, quality, and sustainability issues are at the forefront of Egyptian concerns and actions. Technical improvements are expected to continue to improve cost efficiency and stimulate further species diversification at a time when fisheries production is stagnant and in certain sectors in decline. Simplified legislations and licensing procedures have been called and continued as well as coherent policies for research and development is essential. This paper focuses on the challenges facing the mariculture development in Egypt and the requested approaches to treat these challenges and improve this industry.


Megahed, M.E., Mesalhy, S. (2009)
Abbassa International Journal for Aquaculture. Special issue for Global Fisheries & Aquaculture Research Conference, Cairo International Convention Center, 24-26 Oct 2008 p. 505-527