Changes in weight and length of sea cucumbers during conversion to processed beche-de-mer: filling gaps for some exploited tropical species

Converting the weights or lengths of sea cucumbers in processed forms (e.g., salted or dried) to their original (live) measurement is essential for standardising data from fishery-dependent surveys and exports. We estimated the proportionate change in length and weight, during processing stages, of several species for which published data were lacking. The wide variation among species in the percentage of weight lost during processing emphasises that conversions should be made on a species-by-species basis. Stichopus herrmanni shrunk more in length and weight than any other species we studied. We present new estimates for Actinopyga spinea, A. palauensis, A. echinites, Holothuria lessoni, and H. whitmaei. These findings complement previous studies by filling some gaps in conversion factors for tropical species, and will allow for realistic conversions of data from fishery assessments and national exports.


Purcell, S.W., Gossiun, H., Agudo, N.S. (2009)
SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin no. 29 June: 3-6