Charting multidisciplinary research and action priorities towards the conservation and sustainable management of sea turbles in the Pacific ocean : a focus on Malaysia

The four sea turtle species found in Malaysia are the leatherback, olive ridley, green and hawksbill. The threats to these species are acute. Populations of leatherback, olive ridley and hawksbill turtles are on the brink of collapse – threatening a biodiversity crisis in Malaysia and the region. On 16-17 August 2004, a workshop was convened in Kijal, Terengganu, to chart new directions in the conservation of Malaysia’s critically endangered sea turtles and to reverse population decline. The workshop was entitled “Charting Multidisciplinary Research and Action Priorities towards the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Sea Turtles in the Pacific Ocean: A Focus on Malaysia”. The workshop brought together over 40 specialists including policymakers, managers, researchers and practitioners from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and United States.


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