Through its research on climate change, WorldFish intends to provide new knowledge on how to make fisheries and aquaculture systems more resilient, securing a better future for the people that depend on them.

Climate changes can impact fisheries and aquaculture directly, by influencing production quantities and efficiency, or indirectly, by influencing the market price of fish or the costs of goods and services required by the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. We therefore address mitigation and adaptation of climate change across four domains:

  1. Analyzing vulnerabilities of fishery systems in regions, countries and communities. New vulnerability indices are used to understand how climate change will affect ecosystems and the capacity of fisheries and their dependent communities to adapt to such impacts. The results provide a foundation for innovation in management and governance.
  2. Within vulnerable systems, assessing who and what is most vulnerable, the sources of vulnerability, and the modes of impact. We identify practical ways fishers can reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to the effects of climate change, with a focus on the higher-risk fishery systems.
  3. Developing and testing SSF interventions to increase adaptive capacity at regional, national and local scales to enable fishers to better manage external opportunities and threats, WorldFish will research and help implement new management systems that emphasize building resilience and adaptive capacity.
  4. Researching aquaculture technologies to reduce vulnerability and increase adaptive capacity. To overcome the negative impacts and harness the new opportunities presented by climate change, research will focus on developing technological innovations such as resilient fish production traits, integrated farming systems, marine fishmeal replacements and novel aquafeed ingredients as climate-smart aquaculture solutions.

Program impact by 2022

WorldFish’s contribution to the SDGs

As an international non-profit research organization committed to reducing poverty and hunger, WorldFish seeks to maximize the health,  social and economic impact of our work.