Collaborative dialogue to support local institutions in natural resource co-management

Co-management of natural resources entails sharing authority and responsibility among government agencies, industry associations and community-based institutions. Policymakers and development agencies have embraced the approach because of the potential to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of management efforts focused on common-pool resources such as forests, pasturelands, wetlands and fisheries. Yet even in places where the need is clear and the policy framework is well-designed, conflicting stakeholder interests and disparities in power and capacity mean that co-management approaches can be difficult to implement. This brief shows how a structured dialogue process can support local institutions to participate more effectively by providing an inclusive platform for resource management decisions, building trust and catalyzing collaborative actions.


Burnley, C., Dahmen, A., Comardicea, I., Ratner, B.D. (2014)
Policy Brief. Collaborating for Resilience