Commune Agroecosystem Analysis in Cambodia: a guidance manual

Commune Agroecosystems Analysis (CAEA) is a participatory analysis methodology used by the Department of Agricultural Extension to identify and prioritize agricultural development needs at the commune level. This manual provides a step-by-step procedure to implement CAEA.


Senaratna Sellamuttu, S., Baran, E., Hoanh, C.T., Craig, I., Smith, L., Mak Soeun, Dubois, M., Arthur, R., Johnston, R., Samonn, M., So Nam, Nguyen-Khoa, S. (2012)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE); Colombo, Sri Lanka: CGIAR Challenge program on Water and food (CPWF). 118 p.