Comparison of Asian aquaculture products by use of statistically supported life cycle assessment

In this article, the authors investigated aquaculture production of Asian tiger shrimp, whiteleg shrimp, giant river prawn, tilapia, and pangasius catfish in Bangladesh, China, Thailand, and Vietnam by using life cycle assessments (LCAs), with the purpose of evaluating the comparative eco-efficiency of producing different aquatic food products.


Henriksson, P.J.G., Rico, A., Zhang, W.B., Ahmad-Al-Nahid, S., Newton, R., Phan, L.T., Zhang, Z.F., Jaithiang, J., Dao, H.M., Phu, T.M., Little, D.C., Murray, F.J., Satapornvanit, K., Liu, L.P., Liu, Q.G., Haque, M.M., Kruijssen, F., de Snoo, G.R., Heijungs, R., van Bodegom, P.M., Guinee, J.B. (2015)
Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (24): 14176-14183 [open access]