A comparison of monofilament gillnet and small hook longline selectivity in a multispecies artisanal fishery in the Algarve, southern Portugal.

As part of the ongoing studies concerned with the small-scale fisheries of the South of Portugal, experimental fishing was carried out with monofilament gillnets and small hook longlines within the same area. Sixty-two species were caught, of which 20 were common to both gears. Pronounced differences in terms of the relative importance of different species in the catches were observed. Size selection patterns also differed, with highly overlapped hook catch distributions and few species showing evidence for size selectivity. In contrast, strong selectivity was characteristic of species which tend to be wedged in gillnets. Whereas smaller stretched mesh sizes (particularly 40 and 50 mm) caught significant numbers of illegal sized fish, this was mininmal in the longlines. Some implications for management are discussed.


Erzini, K. Santos, M.N., Monteiro, C.C., Goncalves, J., Bentes, L., Lino, P. (1996)
NAGA 19 (2): 29-32