Cost effective aquaponics for food security and income of farming households in coastal Bangladesh

The word ‘aquaponics’ is a combination of ‘aquaculture’ (fish farming) and hydroponics (cultivation in water). It raises both vegetables and fish in a limited space at a relatively low financial cost by adding diversification in culture technique. In this study, experiments were setup with an aim for integrated culture of fish and vegetables in cost effect aquaponics. Pond aquacponics can contribute to increase in food production and will be more popular than traditional only pond fish culture system due to optimal use of the pond. This technology is not only applicable in ponds but also may be applied in beels (static lake), river, haor (depression of shallow water), baor (oxbow lake) and other water bodies if security of the aquaponics system can be maintained.


Sunny, A.R., Islam, M.M., Rahman, M., Miah, M.Y., Mostafiz, M., Islam, N., Hossain, M.Z., Chowdhury, M.A., Islam, M.A., Keus, H.J. (2019)
The Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, online first 28 February