Demersal fish assemblages of the Southwest Coast of India

Demersal surveys from the southwest coast of India were analyzed to determine the general pattern of distribution of demersal species assemblages in the area. Seasonality is pronounced, indicating three major periods, pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon. Each of the periods is characterized by different oceanographic circulation patterns that mainly determine the pattern of distribution of species assemblages. Spatial analysis confirmed that the Wadge Bank has the highest potential for producing good quality fish. Region-wise analysis of data indicated that maximum effort and highest landings are from the known grounds along the southwest coast, although certain northern areas were also found to be fairly productive.


Srinath, M., Pillai, V.N., Vivekandan, E., Kurup, K.N. (2003)
p. 163-186. Assessment, management and future directions for coastal fisheries in Asian countries. WorldFish Center conference proceedings; 67