Determinants of climate change adaptive behavior in coastal communities in Southeast Asia

This study sought to understand the determinants of autonomous adaptation of households in coastal communities in three countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam) as regards climate change. The study’s main innovation is its focus on households facing a confluence of related hazards, a context that is unique to coastal communities. The study tackled the interrelated hazards of coastal erosion, flooding, and saltwater intrusion, and used a multivariate probit model to analyze the determinants. Regression results show that households adapt or respond autonomously to a combination of hazards.


Sajise A.J.U., Ramirez, P.J.B., Perez, M.L., Arias, J.K.B., Zamora, G.J. (2017)
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development, 14(2): 49-61 [open access]