Development and management of artisanal fishery for yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides in Uruguay

A description is given of the artisanal fishery for yellow clam (Mesodesma mactroides ) conducted on beaches between the resorts of La Coronilla and Barra de Chuy, Uruguay. The clams are gathered by means of simple implements such as shovels, put in bags and kept in nearby storehouses after they have been checked for weight and size control. An examination is made of various management strategies for improvement of the fishery: open access; overall catch quotas; allocation of catch quotas by fishermen settlements; minimum catch volume per fishermen; differential fishing quotas per season; and spatial management and optimum rotation of areas. Findings indicate that there is presently no need to improve the harvesting technology, whereas improving the hygienic and sanitary conditions of post-harvest processing and marketing techniques should by promoted.


Defeo, O. (1989)
Fishbyte 7 (3): 21-25