Development of sustainable aquaculture project: progress report (1 July 2001 - 30 Sept 2001)

The Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Project (DSAP) was authorized by USAID. This report covers activities for the three months of the project, 1 June 2001 through 30 September 2001. The main thrust of the DSAP is to sponsor on-farm aquaculture production demonstrations implemented through co-operating NGO partners. These demonstrations are expected to show farmers and their neighbors the profitability of managed aquaculture systems as small business operations. Both small ponds and integrated rice and fish systems, based on research proven production results, are the target of these demonstrations. The Project also has a research component directed to understanding and exploring additional production options, improving the technology transfer process and monitoring the impact of the adopted aquaculture practices.


Grover, J.H., Janssen, J., Islam, A., Alam, F., Chowdhury, H. ICLARM - The World Fish Center (2001)