Development of sustainable aquaculture project: work plans for the year 2002

The Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Project funded by USAID became operational since 1 October 2000 and will run through 31 July 2005. The overall goal of the project is to improve household incomes and livelihoods of resource limited people who take advantage from appropriate aquaculture technologies and to bring to market increased aquaculture products to offset a declining fish supply. The intermediate goals are (i) to increase the number of small enterprises producing freshwater aquaculture products on a sustained basis, (ii) to refine appropriate aquaculture technologies and technology transfer pathways and (iii) to build up capacity that will enable the cooperating NGOs to promote aquaculture practices even in the absence of external support.


WorldFish Center, Bangladesh Office (2002)
Bangladesh Office. Dhaka, Bangladesh. 14 p.