Diagnostic study of the Volta Basin fisheries: Part 2 Livelihoods and poverty analysis, current trends and projections

The Basin Focal Project for the Volta (BFP-Volta) is a research project funded by the Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF). Its aim is to provide an in-depth analysis of issues related to water in the Volta Basin through three main thematic issues: water-poverty, water availability/use and water productivity. The overall objective of the BFP-Volta is to contribute to the main goal of the CPWF, that is, to alleviate poverty through better management of water in order to enhance agricultural productivity and environment conservation. In this context, the WorldFish Center has been commissioned by the BFP-Volta to produce a report focusing more specifically on the fisheries resources and the link that may exist between poverty and those fisheries in the Volta basin. The present document is the second part of this report. Its main objective is to conduct a socioeconomic and poverty analysis of the fishing communities living in the Volta Basin, based on an assessment of the current situation and potential future changes.


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