Economic aspects of processing and marketing

This paper examines the pricing efficiency and related economic aspects of fish processing and marketing in two communities of San Miguel Bay, Philippines. Salting, dried fish processing and marketing and fresh fish marketing are covered. Pricing efficiency of the system was found to be low. Daily incomes for marketing internmediaries, except for a few large scale wealthier fish driers, were comparable to those earned by fishing households in the communities. It is argued that the best hope for improving processing and marketing in these communities lies in group activities that manage gasoline supply and processing to compete with existing suppliers and processors. Finally, recommendation for uniform weights and measures are made.


Yater, F., Esporlas, A.E., Smith, I.R. (1982)
p. 104-130. In: Smith, I.R. ; Mines, A.N. (eds.) Small-scale fisheries of San Miguel Bay, Philippines: economics of production and marketing. ICLARM technical reports 8, 143 p.