Economic effects of overfishing in San Miguel Bay, Philippines.

The San Miguel Bay in Southern Luzon Island, Philippines is a large estuarine fishery with heavy concentrations ofboth trawl and non-trawl gears. The Bay was the site of an intensive interdisciplinary investigation by researchers inthe late 1970's and early 1980's. It was clear at that time that controls over levels of fishing effort and certain typesof gears were necessary. Five years later in 1986, the Bay still is characterized by extreme competition from an even larger number of competing vessels and fishermen. The number of trawlers has increased by over 50 percent since 1981 and non-trawl fishermen using non-motorized vessels have similarly increased. Rates of outmigration have picked up, especially amongst young adults. Fishermen organizations have become more vocal in their suggestions that the Bay be closed to all trawling. These suggestions have now been officially endorsed by the local fisheries office and for the first time it appears that legal and institutional support or measures to benefit the majorityof the Bay's fishermen will now be forthcoming.


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