Ecoviability for ecosystem-based fisheries management

Reconciling food security, economic development and biodiversity conservation is a key challenge, especially in the face of the demographic transition characterizing many countries in the world. Fisheries and marine ecosystems constitute a difficult application of this bio-economic challenge. Many experts and scientists advocate an ecosystem approach to manage marine socio-ecosystems for their sustainability and resilience. However, the ways by which to operationalize ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) remain poorly specified. We propose a specific methodological framework—viability modelling—to do so. We show how viability modelling can be applied using four contrasted case-studies: two small-scale fisheries in South America and Pacific and two larger-scale fisheries in Europe and Australia.


Doyen, L., Béné, C., Bertignac, M., Blanchard, F., Cissé, A.A., Dichmont, C., Gourguet, S., Guyader, O., Hardy, P.Y., Jennings, S., Little, L.R., Macher, C., Mills, D.J., Noussair, A., Pascoe, S., Pereau, J.C., Sanz, N., Schwarz, A.M., Smith, T., Thébaud, O. (2017)
Fish and Fisheries, online first 14 June