Effect of garlic, Echinacea, organic green and vet-yeast on survival, weight gain and bacterial challenge of overwintered Nile Tilapia fry (Orechromis niloticus)

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of some immunostimulants and probiotics on the survival rate, final weight, and disease resistance of overwintered tilapia fry. There were five treatments: T1 (control) fed a balanced diet (35% protein) without additives. Treatments 2 to 5 were fed diets supplemented with 4% garlic, 4 g/kg Echinacea, 4 g/kg Organic Green or 4 g/kg Vet-Yeast, respectively. Growth and resistance to disease challenge with Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas flourescens were not different among treatments, but survival of overwintered fry increased in treatments fed probiotics or immunostimulents. The use of garlic in overwintering feeds could allow hatchery operators to increase their prices for fry and fish farmers to stock production ponds earlier, increasing hatchery revenues by 74% and improving land use efficiency and productivity for the Egyptian aquaculture industry.


Mesalhy, S. A., El-Naggar, G.O., Mohamed, M.F., Mohamed, W.E. (2010)
Journal of Applied Aquaculture 22(3): 210-215