Enhancing fishery productivity in small reservoir in India: technical manual

This document is part of a series of 5 technical manuals produced by the Challenge Program Project CP34 “Improved fisheries productivity and management in tropical reservoirs”. Inland capture fisheries in India have declined in recent years, leaving thousands of fishers to sink deeper into poverty. Freshwater aquaculture in small water bodies like ponds now contributes 80% of the country's inland fish production. This manual outlines the use of small reservoir for freshwater aquacultureas a means of providing rural areas with food and livelihoods and protecting aquatic ecosystems, in particular by facilitating the conservation of indigenous fish species.


Vass, K.K., Shrivastava, N.P., Katiha, P.K., Das, A.K. (2009)
WorldFish Center technical manual no.1949. The WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia. 19 p.