Enhancing the resilience of coral reef resources

The issues relating to the management of the coastal zone are multi-faceted and some issues are largely intertwined with policy and development goals in larger administrative units. The natural boundaries of reef resources, the processes that support reef ecosystems, and the local or national affili ation of the people who benefit from them may transcend the boundaries of the local management units. Thus, efforts to arrest the decline in fish catch from and loss of biodiversi ty in reefs require that management interventions and assess-ment activities are carried out at varying scales. Using genet-ic markers might provide a definition of management units for coral reef and reef-associated resources and thus con-tribute to the management of the resilience of this human-environment system at multiple scales.


Ablan, M.C.A., McManus, J.W., Chen, C.A., Shao, K.T., Bell, J., Cabanban, A.S., Tuan, V.S., Jarayabhand, P., Suharsono, Alcala, A., Arthana, I.W. (2003)
IHDP Update (2): 10-11