Evaluating factors contributing to the success of community-based coastal resource management: the Central Visayas Regional Project-1, Philippines.

The results of a quantitative evaluation of community-based coastal resource management at six sites of the Central Visayas Regional Project-1 (CVRP-1) located in Cebu and Negros Oriental, Philippines, are discussed. The goal of the research is to determine factors influencing the success and sustainability of community-based coastal resource management projects. Several lessons were learned, or confirmed, by the analysis, including: variations in evaluations of project success by project staff and beneficiaries; early and continuous participation of beneficiaries in the project is related to this positive evaluation of success; positive cultural attitudes toward collective action were related to perception of positive change; and job satisfaction among fishers was high, suggesting the development of supplementary, not alternative, employment opportunities.


Pomeroy, R.S., Pollnac, R.B., Katon, B.M., Predo, C.D. (1997)
Ocean Coast. Manage. 36 (1/3): 97-120