Explaining climate variability vis-a-vis spatio-temporal interactions in Bangladeshi Exclusive Economic Zone (BEEZ)

We present an application of time series remote sensing data and climatological information for improved understanding of complexity in the Bangladeshi Exclusive Economic Zone (BEEZ). Three seasonal slots from the annual climate calendar of the temporal slice 1998 to 2009 are selected: December-February [DJF], March-May [MAM] and September-November [SON]) to assess the relationship between marine fish productivity and climate induced variations in a pelagic system. The interdisciplinary approach, explained in two segments, integrates data on climatic variables, oceanography and fish landings.


Nagabhatla, N., Sahu, S.K., Altaf Arian, M., Mahfuzul Haque, A.B.M., Mitra, A. (2016)
Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change, 7: 364 doi: 10.4172/2157-7617.1000364 [open access]