Factors influencing cultivation of the Lilongwe and Linthipe River Banks ni Malawi: a case study of Salima District

The study was conducted to investigate factors that influence farmers to cultivate along the river banks in Salima District, in the Central Region of Malawi. Using logit analysis the study revealed that household size, main occupation, education market availability and land holding size were important parameters in influencing the farmers to engage in river bank cultivation. Basing on these results it has therefore been suggested that since these farmers cultivate along the river banks without conserving the soils, a livelihood approach must be adopted. This approach will enable farmers to sustainably derive their livelihoods from the land which supports their livelihood without degrading the environment.


Zidana, A., Kaunda, E., Phiri, A., Khalil-Edriss, A., Matiya, G., Jamu, D. (2007)
Journal of applied sciences 7(21):3334-3337, 2007