Factors influencing fish farm productivity in Egypt (a case study of Behera Province)

This paper describes the factors influencing fish farming productivity in Behera, Egypt. Sample survey of 15 farmers representing the fish farming community in the area was used. The study was conducted from May 2004 to July 2005 covering one production season. The study results revealed that the average age of fish operators was 43 years, majority are married (62.5%), medium and fair level of education (80%) and majority with rented land ownership (86.7%). High prices of fish feed; declining fish prices and lack of finance were found out to be the top ranking serious constraints facing fish farmers in that area. Feed costs per kg of fish was, LE 3.87 representing 58.9% of the production costs. The break-even analysis showed average production costs of LE 6.6 per kilogram of fish while the sales price is LE 7.5 /kg. The analysis of the rate of returns on operational costs revealed an average of 18.6% in the production season. The study therefore suggests that there is need for the establishment of producers' union or association that will assist the fish farmers to increase the availability of commercial inputs, improved marketing distribution channels, creation of conducive environment for fish farming sustainability through credit facilities and public enlightenment programme on investment in fish farming activities in the study area.


El-Naggar, G., Nasr-Alla, A., Kareem, R.O. (2006)
Journal of the Egyptian Aquacutlure Society 1:47-56 2006