Farmer-scientist research partnerships and smallholder integrated aquaculture in Malawi.

Smallholding farmers in Zomba District, Malawi have been working in partnership with ICLARM scientists to conduct controlled on-farm trials of integrated pond fish culture. In the 1993 growing season, seven smallholding farmers in Zomba District, Malawi tested the potential for integrated aquaculture of indigenous fish using locally-available resources. To scientifically control these tests, management practices and inputs used by farmers were mimicked in ponds at the National Aquaculture Center. Nitrogen inputs, dry matter inputs, chlorophyll a and fish production on farm and on station were not significantly different (P< 0.05). Pond inputs and management on Malawian integrated smallholding farms are described and a new approach to on-farm research and development is discussed.


Brummett, R.E., Noble, R.P. (1995)
The management of integrated freshwater agro-piscicultural ecosystems in tropical areas