This is a five-year, USD24.5-million investment by USAID that builds on the achievements of the AIN project by applying a market system approach. The goal is to achieve inclusive aquaculture sector growth through a market system approach. Specific objectives: increased productivity of aquaculture systems; strengthened aquaculture market systems, with special attention paid to expanding opportunities for women and youth; increased awareness and adoption of nutrition-related behavior, specifically focusing on women and youth. Targets: improved access to better quality aquaculture inputs, services and/or market channels for 400k men, women and youth in the FTF ZOI; a 30% expansion of investment in aquaculture production and market related to inputs and services in the FTF ZOI by the private sector; a 30% increase in productivity from ponds and ghers in the FTF ZOI; a 20% increase in the number of households adopting improved nutritional practices.



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