Fish to 2020: supply and demand in changing global markets

Using a state-of-the art computer model of global supply and demand for food and feed commodities, this book projects the likely changes in the fisheries sector over the next two decades. As prices for most food commodities fall, fish prices are expected to rise, reflecting demand for fish that outpaces the ability of the world to supply it. The model shows that developing countries will consume and produce a much greater share of the world's fish in the future, and trade in fisheries commodities will also increase. The authors show the causes and implications of these and other changes, and argue for specific actions and policies that can improve outcomes for the poor and for the environment.


Delgado, C.L., Wada, N., Rosegrant, M.W., Meijer, S., Ahmed, M. (2003)
WorldFIsh Center Tech. Rep. (62): 226 p.