Fish culture in homestead tanks in Nigeria: practices, problems and prospects.

The results are presented of a 2-year study conducted regarding management practices and problems associated with raising fish in concrete tanks in Nigeria. The location and construction of the tanks, which were used toculture Clarias gariepinus, Tilapia guineensis and Heterobranchus bidorsalis , are described, and suggestions made for overcoming the problems involved, which were mainly due to poor management skills. Major problems identified included incidence of "broken skull" disease in C. gariepinus , poor water quality, high maintenance costs and differential growth rates of C. gariepinus and H. bidorsalis . Proper water quality, management and education of the operators in a simple tank culture techniques are believed to be sufficient to solve most problems.


Anyanwu, P., Ezenwa, B., Uzukwu, P. (1989)
Aquabyte 2 (3): 8-13