A fish farmers cooperative in the Central African Republic

Since March 1987, there has been an experimental fish farmers cooperative near Bangui, in the Central African Republic. Its objective is to increase the productivity of existing ponds: currently 2-3 mt/ha/year. Previous attempts to expand aquaculture (mainly pond culture of tilapia) in the country have had limited success, principally because the use of small ponds meant that individual farmers could not buy fertilizers and fish food in big quantities and therefore at lower prices. Moreover, the costs of guarding each pond were too high. A program of small loans to the best farmers was established to help them to increase their number of ponds and quantities of inputs. Unfortunately, although farmers readily accepted such loans, they failed to implement better technologies and their production/ha failed to increase significantly, retarding loan repayment. Therefore, it was felt that organising a cooperative might provide a better basis for the implementation of improved technology, particularly intensive organic fertilization.


Berube, M. (1989)
Aquabyte 2 (2): 5-6