Fish fights over fish rights: managing exit from the fisheries and security implications in Southeast Asia: Philippines case study on conflicts arising from zoning of municipal waters

The general goals of the research of this paper are 1. To develop a broad framework for addressing approaches for reducing overcapacity in the fisheries of Southeast Asia; and 2. To examine where conflicts may arise and to provide plans to ameliorate these conflicts and its role in reducing conflicts and enhancing national and regional security. The research will attempt to meet these broad goals by pursuing the following specific objectives: 1. To describe the socio-economic conditions of fishers in selected areas around the Visayan Sea. 2. To know the perceptions of fishers with regards fishing capacity and changes in the state of fisheries. 3. To explore the acceptability of certain exit strategies or approaches to reducing overcapacity. 4. To document the types and causes of conflict that have arisen out of the municipal zoning regulation and the manner by which the stakeholders are responding to the conflicts.


Siason, I.M., Ferrer, A.J., Monteclaro, H.M., Espectato, L.N., Tumilba, M.B., Cainglet, E.P., Go, J.A., Pacete, O.T., Camit, K. University of the Philippines. Visayas (2004)