Fish production, consumption and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review analysis

This analysis is an output of Sub-Saharan Fish Trade in a Changing Climate, a World Bank–funded study conducted in 2010–2011 by WorldFish. Its overall objective is to develop an understanding of the supply and demand for low-value, regionally and domestically traded fish, which are important in the diets of lower-income urban and rural consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa, to inform cooperation on trade and food security and projection of regional trends in supply and demand for food fish. The project seeks to categorize and evaluate factors influencing fish trade in Africa, with a focus on fish consumed by African populations and low-income groups in particular. Based on available data and studies, it aims to describe the patterns and quantities of supply and assess the factors that influence fish supply, demand, and trade.


Gordon, A., Finegold, C., Crissman, C.C., Pulis, A. (2013)
Internal Working Paper. Washington DC ; World Bank Group