Fisheries and aquaculture enterprise development for the Adivasi (Tribal) communities in the northern and northwestern regions of Bangladesh: annual progress and financial report (Jan 2008 - Dec 2008)

The purpose of the project was to increase fish production, household nutrition, income and alternative employment opportunities of vulnerable Adivasi (tribal) people through promotion of small-scale aquaculture and enterprise related activities. The AFP is designed to bring the unused and/or underused seasonal ponds and rice fields into improved productive capacities with methods that are feasible, affordable and acceptable to poor Adivasi households. Also initiatives are taken to ensure that many Adivasi households who are lacking the resources for aquaculture production can also participate in fish harvest, trading of fish seed and foodfish as successful income earning small enterprises.


The WorldFish Center, Bangladesh (2009)
The WorldFish Center. Dhaka, Bangladesh