Fisheries and water productivity in tropical river basins: Enhancing food security and livelihoods by managing water for fish.

Faced with growing pressure upon freshwater resources, increased water productivity in agriculture is essential. Efforts to do so however need to consider the wider role of water in sustaining food production. This paper considers the importance of water management in sustaining fish production in tropical river basins, and the potential for enhancing food production and income to farmers by integrating fish production into some farming systems. Specific examples from selected river systems and irrigated farming systems in Africa and Asia are provided. These highlight the benefits of integrating the water requirements for fish into water allocation decisions. In some cases, these benefits can be realised without any reduction in the water available for other purposes, while in others, a trade-off needs to be considered. The nature of these trade-offs needs to be better understood for better decision making in water management.


Dugan, P.J., Dey, M.M., Sugunan, V.V. WorldFish Center (2006)
Agricultural Water Management, 80(1/3):262-275