Fisheries, nutrition and regional development pathways: reasserting food rights

As hydropower developments are accelerated, particularly along the the Mekong mainstream, debates are looming over how to address the loss of abundant fisheries that are so important to local livelihoods.The authors discuss what is at stake and what might be lost by considering how fisheries contribute to development that meets the needs of the people of Mekong. They emphasise the importance of food sovereignty as a local issue in the discourse about trade-offs in water decision-making. In particular, the authors explore experiences from Lao PDR, a country with a rich capture fishery, but also endemic food crisis, and a national policy commitment to both poverty reduction and significant hydropower development.


Arthur, R., Friend, R., Dubois, M. (2011)
p. 149-166. In: Lazarus, K. ; Badenoch, N. ; Dao, N. ; Resurreccion, B.P. (eds.) Water rights and social justice in the Mekong region. Earthscan, London. 265 p.