Genetics of adaptation in rainbow trout: a multi disciplinary approach

Ability of fish to adapt to changing environments and stressors is a key trait for breeders, especially when they sell eggs or young fish all over the world. So far, this ability has not been introduced in any breeding program. Indeed, sensibility to environment is difficult to describe. Most often, either physiological traits, or behavioral traits are considered but each of them represent only a partial representation of the situation. In this study, we carried out a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the genetics of adaptation and prospect for possible selection strategies.


Dupont-Nivet, M., Prunet, P., Bégout, M.L., Pellegrini, P., Khaw, H.L., Millot, S., Péan, S., Aupérin, B., Valotaire, C., Rolland, J., Kerneis, T., Goardon, L., Quillet, E. (2010)
p. 397-398. Proceedings of the Aquaculture Europe 10. 5-8 Oct 2010, Porto, Portugal