Genomics in marine monitoring: New opportunities for assessing marine health status

This viewpoint paper explores the potential of genomics technology to provide accurate, rapid, and cost efficient observations of the marine environment. The use of such approaches in next generation marine monitoring programs will help achieve the goals of marine legislation implemented world-wide. Genomic methods can yield faster results from monitoring, easier and more reliable taxonomic identification, as well as quicker and better assessment of the environmental status of marine waters.


Bourlat, S.J., Borja, A., Gilbert, J., Taylor, M.I., Davies, N., Weisberg, J.F., Lettieri, T., Field, D., Benzie, J., Glöckner, F.O., Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, N., Faith, D.P., Bean, T.P., Obst, M (2013)
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 74(1): 19-31 [open access]