Ghana coastal fisheries governance dialogue: Developing options for a legal framework for fisheries co-management in Ghana

The Third National Fisheries Governance Dialogue was a direct follow up on the Second National Fisheries Governance Dialogue held in Elmina in April 2012. It was agreed at the Second dialogue that co-management was the way forward for sustaining Ghana's fisheries and that its success would depend on a supportive legal framework. The two day dialogue meeting consisted of four key presentations focusing on: the current status of fisheries in Ghana; co-management as a fresh approach to fisheries; outcomes from the regional stakeholder consultations on co-management structure; and outcomes from the research on the legal framework. The presentations were followed by four breakout groups that generated ideas for co-management structures for different species namely pelagic fish or Sardinella, near shore demersal, Volta lake, and lagoons and estuaries. Key elements for co-management structures and elements of a co-management legal framework were later identified during plenary discussions.


Mutimukuru-Maravanyika, T., Asare, C., Ameyaw, G., Mills, D., Agbogah, K. (2013)
USAID, Coastal Resources Center of University of Rhode Island and WorldFish Center. 59 pp.