Giant shellfish hatchery begins production in Mexico

In Mexico, the Direccion de Fomento Pesquero of the State Government of Sonora has financed a project for a shell¬fish hatchery and nursery complex at Bahia Kino on the Gulf of California which began production in January 1984. The project is part of a scheme to supplement fished products with aquaculture produce -- shrimp, fish and shellfish. There is a large but declining shrimp fishery in Sonora (over 14,000 tonnes worth nearly $200 million were landed in the 1983-1984 season). Overfishing, which is affecting the shrimp fishery, decimated a previous oyster fishery, while landings of lobsters and finfish have also experienced downturns.


O'Sullivan, D. (1984)
ICLARM Newsletter 7 (3): 21-22