The gleaners of northwest Lingayen Gulf, Philippines

An account is given of gleaning activities conducted by the women in the reef flats of Bolinao and Anda, northwest Lingayen Gulf, in the Philippines in order to supplement the dwindling fishing catches of their menfolk and also to provide food for their families. Everyday, women and children comb the reef flats, gathering edible seaweeds, conch shells and bivalves, and sea urchins and sea cucumbers; a large portion of their catches are sold for cash. Thewomen sort, process and market the family's catch; processing the raw catch involves sorting, roasting and cutting shells, removing and preserving sea urchin roe, and boiling, smoking and drying sea cucumbers. The role of women in providing for their families has become crucial with the declining returns from artisanal fishing.


McManus, L.T. (1989)
NAGA 12 (2): 13